Ocean Love

About 70% of the whole planet consists of water – and so are we, our human bodies.  We are more connected with the water than we think.

97% of the available water forms our world oceans. That means 320 million cubic miles (1.35 billion cubic kilometers) of water with more than 700,000 to 1 million species living in the ocean.

But the ocean suffers a lot from us, human beings. Water pollution became to one of our major world problems. Many ocean species extinct already completely, more than 60% of the coral reefs worldwide were dying-out just the last few years. If we don’t proactively do something for it, our ocean will suffer tremendously, which will have an effect on our lives too. Because we are all connected and one.

Our Mission

Ocean Love Fest is a Yoga, Music & Workshop festival on multiple yachts. This year it will take place between the 8th and 13th of October 2023, and will be located around the bays and islands of Fethiye / Turkey.

This event is for all ocean lovers who love to be on the water, surrounded by the ocean breeze, swim in it and support it by giving back to it.


We are happy for any help – either with donations, any support for this event by your services, or simply join as a participant and enjoy this beautiful event with us on the water!



Ibo is the founder and owner of Yogacruising – Greenkaria and Oceanlove Fest.

In his youth, he was a combat diver in the Turkish army. After his return to Bodrum in the 80’s, he worked as a diving instructor in his diving school. From the 90’s until 2006, he led hiking and study tours on the Turkish coast and Greek Isles.

His first yoga meeting in 2006 and the foundation of Yogacruising [nbsp] broadened his horizon. In addition, the Greenkaria project was born. On his hike, he discovered beautiful spots of this world and realized to lead a new destination in the country.

Since then I have been offering yogacruising tours on the Turkish coast and around the Greek İsles. For 5 years I had beenthinking about organizing a yoga festival on the sea. Now is the time to put this into practice. We are looking forward toseeing you on board and to offering you a wonderful program of selected artists in the beautiful bays and on the beautifulwooden yachts.


CEO YOMAD Academy Supi is a nomad for many years already, travelling around the world, while living out of her suitcase. Supi’s full name Suparni means „well winged” or “the one with beautiful wings“ in Sanskrit and so she is. A free spirit.

She calls herself a lifestyle designer: the serial entrepreneur works as a marketing specialist and consultant, retreat and festival organizer, publisher of German vegan cooking books and a vegan food blogger, a life and nutrition coach as well an occasional yoga teacher. She loves helping individuals and organisations to find their purpose and grow in a holistic way.

She is a positive thinking soul and focuses on the good and better parts of the world. That’s why she feels called to help other people to transform, shift their mind-set and create their own lifestyle and business with purpose and impact.

Influenced by their parents’ Yoga, meditation, healthy and vegetarian nutrition, as well as spirituality at all, have always been part of her life. But she knows the other western side as well and loves to find solutions to connect both worlds together in a modern way of living.

Suparni made her teacher training 2011 in Thailand with Blooming Lotus and teaches primarily Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. On top, she made some special certificates in AirYoga, Prana Flow and Yoga for burn out (-prevention).

Sup helped to build up the brand and company yogacruising.com and co-created with Ibo already many retreats on board. Personally, she is a big ocean lover and stand for a pollution-free ocean and loves dance, Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kirtans, Cacao Ceremonies and is passionate with Ecstatic Dance.